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We could use your help. If you are interested in making a corporate donation, please e-mail Michael Robinson. As always, thank you for your generous support!

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If you are in the Sacramento area, you can attend one of our meetings. Also, by registering as a CAFC member, you can stay updated on our progress. Membership will also help us identify your legislative district for "take action" campaigns. This is especially important if you are a California resident. While our primary focus is California, our efforts have national impact because California has historically had a powerful bellwether effect on family law policy.

Sponsor a Decision Maker

In its 2008 and 2009 groundbreaking conferences on domestic violence — entitled "From Ideology to Inclusion" — CAFC brought together world-renowned experts in the field of domestic violence. Those conferences were videotaped and later turned into DVDs that were packaged as educational materials. Public agencies, elected officials, judges, case workers, law enforcement, attorneys and other decision makers already receive training, except that such training too often reflects an ideological perspective on domestic violence. But CAFC's DVD training material is the first of its kind that departs from the ideological model, and instead focuses on scholarly evidence from over 30 years of published research on domestic violence.

Now that this evidence-based training is available, we need your donation to get it into the right hands! Please sponsor the cost Word  of sending some domestic violence training DVDs to a decision maker in your community. This one donation on your part will likely have a substantial and lasting impact, allowing you to make a real difference!


If you would like to provide a financial donation, please do so by registering (or, if registered, by logging in below). Through your profile, you will have total control over whether and when your donations will occur. Your financial support is crucial in helping sustain our ongoing efforts in pursuit of family law reform and juvenile law reform.  All donations are tax deductible.

If you prefer to mail us a donation please make your check out to CAFC and send it to:
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All CAFC members (whether donating or not) may elect to receive our free newsletter, keeping you abreast of the impact that we are having in the legislature and in the community.  Please join us today!

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